Sunday, May 22, 2011

Homemade Clip it Up

I have been wanting to post a picture of my "homemade" Clip it Up for a few weeks now... So finally, here it is.  I used a revolving shoe rack ($10 at Bed Bath & Beyond with coupon) and 8 boxes of small binder clips (88 cents per box at Walmart)  The shoe rack had 3 tiers but I did not use the bottom one so that I'd be able to hang longer things on the lower part of the rack and shorter items on the top.  The lower tier has the shoe rack turned upside down for maximum hanging area.  The upper rack I left right side up to form a "basket" on top for some of my flowers & ribbons.

I attached the clips by removing the wire part of the clip on one side, slipping it over the outer circle on the shoe rack tier, and then reassembling the clip.  (See close up below)

Total cost for the homemade Clip it Up... under $20. 
Price of a purchased "Clip it Up" (top and bottom tier) Plus extra clips...  Over $100. 
Satisfaction of knowing I have $80 left to spend on more Scrapbook Supplies... Priceless!


  1. You are a genius! Thank you so much for posting this because I was getting ready to take the plunge for a clip it up! Thank you for saving me $80!

  2. So ingenious! I want to see a close up of your scrap room sign! :-) Did you make that too?


  3. Congratulations!! You made the Top 3 in this week's Patches of Pink Link-up Party!


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