Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fireplace in the Basement

Week 2 - Made it Myself Mondays
Recently we had a new sump pump put in our basement, which meant breaking up the floor & tearing down walls. So, for the 3rd time, Mark (my hubby) refinished the basement.  The 2nd time was due to a new furnace & Ducts throughout the basement ceiling. The first time was, well... it was the first time.  These basement finishing projects have been spread out over a period of almost 30 years.

So, anyway, we needed something for the wall behind the gas stove.  I picked out these tiles at Home Depot and drew a design on graph paper using the different sizes these tiles came in.  Mark went by my drawing and duplicated it exactly on the wall. He also used a larger matching tile for the floor underneath the stove.  I'd say he did a Fantabulous job!


My Scrapbook Room

My Scrapbook Room
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